Wildstar Addons For Leveling Review

250x250If you’re like me, you love playing Wildstar but hate the grind. Maybe your friends have already left you in the dust, and even though you’ve looked up tips for leveling fast, you can’t seem to get to that awesome end-game content that really makes the game.

Trust me, you’re not alone. I was stuck in the 30s for weeks, watching my friends have all of the fun. So when I heard there was a Wildstar leveling addon that I could load up in game, I was absolutely stoked. Beastly Addons has created a speed-leveling guide that they claim will change the way you play Wildstar, helping you level so efficiently that you’ll be enjoying the best part of the game in no time. I knew I needed an edge, so I picked up a copy of the Wildstar Addons 1-50 Leveling Guide from Beastly for both factions to try it out and see if it was as good as they said.

After all, I wasn’t going to say no to leveling from 1-50 in 2 days!

Wildstar Addons: First Impression

I installed the Wildstar addon and created a brand new Exile Human to see what it was like from the beginning. When I logged in, the addon was automatically configured and ready for me to start questing. I looked at the first step–right there in the game–and then saw that a line was pointing from my character to the quest-giver.

When I turned that in, the guide updated, and so did the line. After just a few quests I was relying on Wildstar Addon’s flawless quest objective navigation, grabbing the quests I needed and completing them in record time.

I cruised through the starter zone, but speed-leveling was so rewarding I just kept right on playing. In the time it would have taken me just to finish the newbie zone, I’d made it through that and the next zone, and I was still eager to keep going.


I like to load up my MMO of choice with all the best addons, but some of them take up so much screen space that the utility just isn’t worth it. Wildstar Addons from Beastly isn’t one of those clunky addons that takes up a third of your screen. The window is compact, and you can drag it wherever you please at any time.

The sleek design fits well with the aesthetic of the game, and it honestly seemed like just another element of the Wildstar UI. The steps are clear and easy to read, and as I mentioned above, the addon automatically updates as you complete steps, so you don’t have to worry about cycling through menus.


The meat of any product is in its features, though. Whenever I try out a new addon, I evaluate it based on how it can affect my performance in the game. So what do you get when you download the Wildstar Addon?

*A custom-tailored guide for every race and class in the game. There are two addons–one per faction–and each includes guides for every race and class available to that faction. You can play what you want, and the guide will adapt to your choice.

*Only the most efficient quests for your zone and level. Let’s face it: Every MMO has obnoxious quests that are meant to slow you down. Wildstar Addons from Beastly gets rid of them altogether so you can level much more quickly.

*Clear, reliable navigation to the absolute closest quest and quest objectives. Instead of wasting tons of time running all over the place, you’ll know where to go at all times.

*A tight grouping of quests in every quest hub. You can grab a bunch of quests, do them in record time, and then turn them in all at once for the maximum XP/hour.

*Expert tips from the Wildstar Addons speed leveling team. Any time I was the least bit unsure of what to do, I always found the information I needed right in the addon, saving me the hassle of having to tab out and browse through forums for the answer.

What did those features get me? Let me put it this way: I maxed out my second character in a fraction of the time it took me to level the first. In 2 days played, I’d gone from a fresh level 1 in a class I’d never played before, to a level 50 ready to raid.

Want to give it a whirl for yourself? Try out levels 1-10 of the guide absolutely FREE

Ease of Use

I’ll be frank here: I don’t like to mess around with addons that take a ton of setup or requires an instruction manual to use properly. I like to dive in and get started right a way. And if I can’t? To me, that’s the mark of an over-complicated addon.

The Wildstar Addons Leveling Guide from Beastly is one of the easiest to use guides I’ve ever tried. Almost everything is automated, from quest progress to objective tracking. Install takes a couple minutes at the absolute most, and as soon as you load the game, it’s ready to go.


A complete 1-50 Wildstar Addons speed-leveling guide for either Exile or Dominion is right around $40. Let’s say you know you want to level 3 characters to max in Wildstar. One as a tank, one as a healer, and one as straight DPS. Without the guide, that’ll probably set you back 4-5 months of real time, easily. And that’s if you’re playing for hours each and every day. Which means you’re already paying $75 in subscription fees to level those characters–and you’re still not raiding yet!

With this Wildstar Addons leveling guide, you can do it in a month and a half, with a lot less time invested per day. And if you can start raiding with 3 new level 50 characters in less than a quarter of the time, the addon’s already paid for itself, if you ask me.

For me, it’s a no-brainer. I don’t like the grind of leveling, and I don’t want to put in 5 hours every night just to get a character to 50. The Wildstar Addons guide from Beastly let me cut to the meat of the game–the awesome end-game content–so much faster than anything else.

And if you think you’ll end up playing both factions, you can get both guides at a nice discount, paying just $70 for the bundle.

Wildstar Addons: Final Verdict

Get It Now! – If you want to experience everything Wildstar has to offer without wasting precious time, this addon is a must-have. It’s sleek an innovative, easy to use, and jam-packed with features that are specifically designed to rocket you to 50 in no time.

Best of all, if you’re still on the fence (even after all of that!), this Wildstar Addons for leveling has a FREE trial for levels 1-10. Any race, any class, any faction. Try it out today!



WildStar leveling: an aspect that we must consider

wildstar guides Wildstar and power leveling

WildStar is the next MMO role-playing game that takes place on the fantastic planet Nexus.
Nexus is the phenomenal world of the Eldan – a powerful, technically advanced race that mysteriously gone away from the galaxy more than a thousand years back. Found in the unmapped areas of space, Nexus has been wanted by archaeologists, adventurers and power hunters for many centuries and its present revealing has ignited a crazy hurry throughout the galaxy to discover its many secrets.
WildStar is produced by Carbine Studios, and was first set to be released in 2013 the fourth quarter , but was late to Summer, 2014.
In WildStar, as well as in many other MMO games, users have the ability to build a character that they can control through their playing session. These kinds of characters can come in an active, persistent globe environment. Characters can level from 1 to 50. Gameplay mostly is made of quests, dungeons, and PVP combat.
Power leveling is a expression meant to describe the procedure of leveling a fictional character as fast as possible using the bare minimum of play duration. It can be utilized from any type of level up towards the optimum level in the online game which is presently 50. Contrary to what numerous accept, successful power leveling does not require endless hours of grinding.
Using a successful wildstar leveling guide you can easily reach your planned level in the shortest time.
As WildStar gamers, we understand how horrible performing power level is. Thats why we devote to present the most effective leveling guides to help you level a character rapidly and conveniently.
So your character will be leveled working with a leveling guide that can assist thousands of players reached their planned levels at their selected time.
Also understand that to select the best Wildstar leveling guide provider is extremely important. So, this specific site provides exclusive quality guide producers for Wildstar users.




WildStar PvP Leveling Guide: level your character without quests

wildstar pvp levelingIf you want to reach level 50 in WildStar game, you have to complete a lot of quests and endlessly kill many monsters. Stop … is this really necessary or is there another way? Yes there is: By making PvP. Especially the battlefields can properly discard XP and are a welcome change to all the quests.

Is it worth leveling in PvP?

Shortly before the start of the game pushed Head Carbine again after a patch in which the XP were increased, which you can get through the battlefields. And the increase has not been bad. With this patch, it is now worth so also, leveling through PvP. But what should you look for?

At level 6 you can register for the so-called exercise battlefields (default key: N) and start leveling. At level 15, the whole thing is fun and interesting, because then you get the opportunity, in the second battle, the halls of the blood jurors. But what battlefield is now playing now to get ahead in the level.

You should do the levels observed

The problem in the halls is: although they give more XP than the Walatiki Temple, but if you’re unlucky, you will encounter a much superior team. If this still have to defend at the very beginning, the first round can already take times 20 minutes. In the time you have made ​​easy 1-2 Walatiki Temple.

The halls can therefore be seen as a gamble: either you’re lucky and the rounds are over very quickly – then the increased XP have paid off. Or you’re unlucky and the rounds last very long – then the increased XP can not compensate for this.

In other words: The Halls of Bloodjury can theoretically be better for Wildstar leveling, but since the chance is relatively high, that the battlefield can take a long time, I advise against it. Will you then level up really fast, you’ll probably up the Walatiki Temple and need to play down.

But level 15 is something unlocked, which should arouse your interest: The Adventures. While not, this is PvP, but the adventures bring good XP for the first time and maybe even drop one or two nice items for you from.

In other words: If an adventure for you offer, not cringe before to join a game there. But beware: instances are again a completely different topic and you should bring there only with a good group to go in and even relatively good Equip.

Are PvP Items useful?

While you level up, you also have the opportunity to buy Prestige (PvP currency) PvP items. But the question is: How good are these? If you can only be on the road in PvP, they are very good because they increase there much your survival.

In PvE they are but unfortunately not quite as convincing, just because there are PvP items. But it is worthwhile to buy these also during Levels? In my opinion, yes! If you really just leveling through PvP, as I do, you get enough prestige that you can always buy you the necessary PvP items during the Level-phase.

Also in the end-game it might not be so problematic to obtain the prestige points together, since the prices of the items hardly noticeable increase compared to the level items.


The advantages of a Wildstar leveling guide

Wildstar Online is a quite brand-new MMORPG that ought to be taken really regardless if the online game it self is complete of light hearted fun. Information technology doesn’t intend to contest realm of Warcraft’s throne of getting the greatest MMORPG also nowadays, however it will take participants off their video games and it will deliver right back the MMORPG style towards the standing it had years back while the go to game for the PC.

Exactly what can you anticipate in Wildstar Online? A variety of things to-do, that’s exactly what. You can concentrate on PVE which generally translates to end game raiding into the long run making your trophy of minds while you get along, you can go PVP and makes your self a dreaded personality within the vision regarding the various other faction making all of them yelling a sequence of insults when you wreck their particular confronts, you can also focus on supplying the populace using the things that they require as vendor and crafter of products. For a cost of program, Wildstar can have performing all three things and information technology just varies according to everything you actually wish to go after.

Everything you truly have to get the maximum benefits away from your satisfaction into the game is to find the end game where all things are today unlocked. Wildstar leveling can be sluggish or quickly if you understand the greatest option to get here and a guide for leveling will show you the way. A good Wildstar leveling guide show you the fastest way towards the end game and prepare you for the end game struggles of Wildstar journey.

wildstar leveling guide

The Paths which you just take are one thing special to Wildstar Online. Upon personality development, you’ll be picking a route that signifies your work or your career on earth Nexus. You’ve got four to choose from: the explorer, the scientist, the settler, together with soldier. Everything you choose your work to be will impact the side-stories into the online game which you will experience. Explorers will cope with lots of research and platform activities; researchers with mastering the understanding associated with old competition that utilized to reside in Nexus long time ago. The settlers are crafters which are useful to various other participants by having the capability to create things such as buff programs, pursuit givers, and also sellers of unusual loot additionally the soldier will of course bargain with soldiering, bashing a couple of figures here and here.

In conclusion a Wildstar guide will provide you all the information you need and using it rightly your fast leveling is guaranteed. If you consider you don’t require a guide, believe me! You do!


The journey in Wildstar will be great

The journey in Wildstar would be enjoyable. But when you feel the lull or perhaps the condition in which whatever you perform feels as though a work rather than an online game to enjoy any longer, what perform you are doing? Let’s say you get to the idea that checking out bores you, destroying beasts and doings dungeons are today a task, and shopping for crafting products as well as waiting for the study on crafting to complete simply demoralizes you a great deal? Let’s say you nevertheless wish to perform all associated with the above however you perform maybe not have the determination to enter into it? Will there be a means you can do exactly what requires to be completed without you operating therefore tough for it? The response is indeed.

Today bots are a standard in virtually any MMO even though you don’t wish to acknowledge information technology. Bots are third-party programs that operate within the back ground which automates certain things you can do within the video game for you. Today this might be a tad troublesome when some kind of abuse might be included, however the benefits are possibly higher than the danger. Some individuals will additionally frown on this choice but whatever they don’t know won’t hurt them so don’t get around talking to individuals about it. Lessen your danger, hold your self secure. And in case various other than needing to stop the video game and waste the valuable time staying in your account, this is certainly a choice you should look at.

Today almost all of the individuals who utilize a robot solution are perhaps not always terrible men and women. It’s only that they have to optimize every resource they’ve specifically since not everybody is wealthy and individuals have programs or tasks to complete. They’re a few of the things that your particular time ought to be invested on however, if you need to do two tasks as well one task is bound to endure. Today information technology would be great when you can have somebody to your work or your scientific studies for you when you perform your account however the globe does perhaps not typically work in that way. What’s simpler and exactly what features a prepared answer is to help you do your researches or task while somebody or something like that plays your account. Because of this you have a way to your monotony, it’s possible to complete everything you need to do, and will also be much more excited to come right back and have fun with the video game considering that the difficult component of leveling 1-50 or collecting happens to be completed.